Ask an Expert, Inner Parkside Weather (Jane Ivory)

“I enjoy reading your newsletter and your blog. Thanks for all the helpful info. Would you mind helping me better understand Inner Parkside w/respect with the weather? We’re looking at a home on the west side of 16th; does that mean we’re doomed to being shrouded in fog? Also, more importantly, is it virtually impossible to build upward (one story) in this neighborhood? Or will we have to go back, essentially eliminating the home’s small backyard?

As answered by Jane Ivory of Hill & Co. Real Estate,

I lived on 16th and Pacheco for a few years and the fog is not bad there at all. I successfully grew roses in my back yard and sunbathed regularly! The fog seems to stop at 19th Ave. most of the time. It is difficult to build up or back generally in the city because (1) you have to be cognizant of blocking neighbor’s views and (2) there is a rule in the city about leaving 1/3 of the lot free of construction. It’s best to check with the building department before getting your hopes up.


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