The Power of Purple


We present: 200 Corbett, a 3 bed, 2 bath, single family home built in 1908 just hitting the market. We had the pleasure of checking it out, and we must say, it is pretty damn sweet, and yet another unique property that makes you love the real estate here. (Yes, that is a Breville Die-Cast Espresso Machine on the counter.)

A bit of history for the “real estate is a bad investment” crowd:
-Oct. 1997-sold for $474,000
-Nov. 2001-sold for $725,000
-Jul. 2004-sold for $1,250,000
-Mar. 2007-Asking $1,665,000

Except for the Broker Tour, it is being shown by appt. only, so contact your sfnewsletter provider to get you in.

Pictures: Furnished, and for another perspective Unfurnished.
[Pictures on our blog, and on “furnished” taken by Bryan Nazario


One response to “The Power of Purple

  1. yeah… some refreashing color choices, to make us forget forever about “american bone” coloring (that I HATE!).

    What is intersting though is to see that the current owners BOUGHT the house WITH the purple palette, and maintained it that way, and a reselling it that way. So yes, there is a market beyond the “beige” market.

    San Francisco can be proud of its diverse and world class architecture. Why sell it blaaaaaaaaaaaaah painted in beige?
    Yes, as a marketing strategy, purple will turn off some potential buyers, but you know for sure that some buyers will be such in love that they might overbid-war to get it.

    Last, I’m not a purple lady. I dont fancy the coloring presented on that house. BUT after years of all weather in san Francisco, I have to say that indoors purple is the perfect framing to a stunning view sprinkled with fog – and the opposite is true too: beige framing will make the fog just as pitiful and depressing.

    Anyway, keep us posted on the closing of that beauty.

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