Tower of Power

onerincontowermeter.jpgAccording to the most recent One Rincon Hill newsletter as of April 9, construction on Phase I (tower 1) “zoomed past the 45th floor”, and is expected to top out in July. Initial move-ins are scheduled for late 2007.
We had a nice sit-down with some folks at One Rincon Hill about a week ago, and short from telling you exact numbers, sales are through the roof, as is their waiting list (over 3000) for first dibs on tower two homes. The Townhomes are moving pretty well, and the corner 2 bedroom unit with the large terrace (#506), is quite the pad. If only Dwell had a design competition pitting One Rincon Hill against The Infinity…now that’d be a real smack down.

1 Part Dwell, 1 Part The Infinity… [sfn BLOG]
One Rincon Hill newsletter
Unique Property [sfn BLOG]


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