Comparison Shopping On the sfnewsletter

Prime Bel-Air Estate, Offered at $16,500,000

Plus this:
Santa Ynez Valley Chateau,Offered at $19,750,000

Plus this:
9342 Sierra Mar, Offered at $11,500,000

And you might as well throw in this:
9038 Wonderland Park Ave, Offered at $2,500,000

Ahh…what the hell, this too:
1515 Bel-Air Road, Offered at $4,495,000

Equals this:
$55,000,000 (asking) San Francisco landmark (2901 Broadway), that is indeed now officially on the market, as we said it would be back in July of 2006.
And since you are here, you might as well do a drive by.

2901 Broadway as Decorator Showcase [sfn BLOG]
$55,000,000 (asking) San Francisco landmark (2901 Broadway) [SFAR MLS]


2 responses to “Comparison Shopping On the sfnewsletter

  1. Mike,

    Two of which one. 😉

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