Soma Grand, First release May 12th, 2007

Just got word of the first release (waiting for details, but scheduled for May 12th) of one of the city’s newest developments, Soma Grand.  Pricings start in the $500,000, and if you’d like to know the skinny, well…we did that a long time ago.  They’ll gladly take that 3% deposit now.  They would have loved it in April (previous planned release), but hey!  May is just as good, if not better. 

[Update: “We were doing a “soft opening”. May 12th is the first release & the first day we will take reservations/deposits.
The first release is preferred pricing on the entire building, starting at $500,000. After that we will release in stages. Also, potential buyers need to be pre-qualified by one of our in house lenders to be on the list for the 12th. (BofA, Wells, Country Wide).”]

Skinny on the Grand [sfn BLOG]
Soma Grand [website]


8 responses to “Soma Grand, First release May 12th, 2007

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