Church of Skate?

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Having driven by this construction project on the corner of 14th Ave and Clement countless times, I finally stopped, shot, and unfortunately couldn’t roll. And now I’m forced to quit dreaming. According to the construction crew, it is going to be a synagogue, and the vertical sides perfect for a frontside air, or McTwist, will hold seating like a “theatre” and they are “going to put a roof on it”. Imagine what Tony Hawk, or Danny Way could do on this thing:

[Danny Way pulling a 360 OVER the Great Wall of China…on a skateboard.]

Anybody else have any insight on this project?

In record time a reader comes through. It will be the Beth Sholom Synagogue, and the Architect is Stanley Saitowitz. Here is a link to their site, and here are the renderings:
[images pulled from Stanley Saitowitz, Natoma Architects, Inc. website (]


2 responses to “Church of Skate?

  1. This looks like the Beth Sholom Synagogue by Stanley Saitowitz.

  2. Dorian Workman

    I drove past this too, and as a skater in my teens (now 32), was SURE this had to be a half pipe – but a half-pipe on valuable SF real estate, smack bang in the middle of a residential neighborhood? I couldn’t believe it would actually happen – what a shame it isn’t!

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