Stats & Numbers

Ask nicely and you shall receive. We did the Single Family Stats and Numbers last week, and a kind email request came for the same thing for condos. Thank you for reading, commenting on, and contacting the sfnewsletter BLOG.   Here are the graphs representing Median Price for CONDOS in San Francisco by zip code:

Inner Richmond/Presidio Heights


Marina/Cow Hollow


Pacific Heights


Noe Valley

Mission Bay/Potrero Hill/SOMA

South Beach

Sunset (added to post on 6/10/07 per request by reader)


4 responses to “Stats & Numbers

  1. YOY is up for only two out of nine zip codes. I thought SF was BOOMing?!?!

  2. And wtf is up with Mission Bay and Pacific Heights? That’s some serious median droppage…

  3. The biggest drop is Parkside. I guess those remodeled homes aren’t moving anymore.
    How about 94122 (Sunset)? I would like to see the chart for it.
    [editor’s note:Those remodeled homes are moving very, very quickly. Parkside is one of the hottest areas. Important to note that the charts you’re looking at in this post are for condos. Please see the bottom of this same post for the charts for condos in 94122, and this post for Single Family.]

  4. many parts of california are going way down right Hemet for example has gone down by like 150k in the last six months alone. Crazy!

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